Living between two cultures

the acculturation experiences of young Iranian immigrant women in Canada. by Parnian Pajouhandeh

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  • Iranians -- Canada.,
  • Women immigrants -- Canada.,
  • Acculturation -- Canada.,
  • Women -- Sexual behavior.

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The purpose of this study was to examine the acculturation experiences of young women who emigrated from Iran to Canada. The emphasis was on understanding the unique and complex processes of negotiating a changed sense of identity following immigration from Iran to Canada. In-depth interviews were conducted with eight Iranian immigrant women in their early 20"s who immigrated to Canada between the ages of 13 to 20 years. Qualitative analyses of the interviews led to the emergence of four overarching themes and related sub-themes.The first overarching theme was silencing of sexuality. The young women"s descriptions revealed seven major dimensions of silencing of their sexuality, including smothering of the sexual aspects of identity, lack of a comfortable "space" and language to discuss sexual matters, limited routes to express sexuality, designation of women as responsible for maintaining family honor, gender-related double standards regarding sexual behavior, threat of becoming a Western woman, and penalties for becoming a Western woman. Another overarching theme was reclaiming of sexuality. Two central dimensions of this theme included acquiring sexual expression despite barriers and controls over sexuality, and honoring own values and beliefs regarding sexual behavior.An additional aspect of the young women"s experiences of adjustment to the Canadian society was captured by the overarching theme of self in flux. This theme represented participants" experiences of ongoing transformations in their identity, induced by shifting cultural contexts. Four central dimensions of this theme included experiences of being torn apart by contradictory expectations of Iranian and Canadian cultures, feeling bound by gender-based restrictions, constructing the self in relation to what is expected and accepted by both Iranian and Canadian cultures, and being "the other" in the context of relationships with Iranians and Canadians. The last overarching theme was reconstructing the self, which represented the young women"s attempts to regain control and personal power in their lives. Four central dimensions of this theme included gaining independence, choosing validating social contexts, demanding egalitarian relationships, and shifting from dogma to faith. These findings and the implications of the study are discussed in relation to the existing research literature on acculturation.

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  Alexie joins Bill to share his irreverent perspective on contemporary American life, and discuss the challenges of living in two different cultures at the same time, especially when one has so much dominance over the other. “I know a lot more about being .   The beauty of living in New Zealand, especially in cities such as Auckland and Wellington, is that there is a diverse mixture of cultures. Living between two cultures is a blessing, as I am grateful for growing up in a household filled with Asian food, language, customs and traditions while growing up being surrounded by nature, lakes. Living Into Two Different Cultures. All countries develop their own unique cultures to live by. There are many differences and similarities between my home country’s culture and the American culture that I live in now. Both countries have very different factors which make up their culture; starting from their food and cultures are also similar in the way that they enjoy similar. These children grow up between two cultures, the Hearing and the Deaf, forever balancing the worlds of sound and silence. Paul Preston, one of these children, takes us to the place where Deaf and Hearing cultures meet, where families like his own embody the conflicts and resolutions of two Reviews:

Type: BOOK - Published: - Publisher: Capital Books Get Books The clash between two cultures led a young Maryam through an identity crisis that was resolved only as she rediscovered her religious and cultural roots, became increasingly active in the Afghan and Muslim communities, and resolved to bridge the gap between her two dueling. The thesis of the book is that Augustine's life and thought exemplifies the benefits of mestizaje-the creative fertility that comes from living between cultures-and illustrates the elucidation afforded by reading church history in these terms. This review was written for The Mestizo Augustine: A Theologian Between Two Cultures. Augustine, the great church father, has been such a giant on the theological landscape for so many centuries, he has become a huge, lifeless statue for many. 'Torn Between Two Cultures' is a paradigm for the larger problem of the growing gap of understanding between the Islamic world and the West. Canada) Embassy Magazine (Ottawa "Through her book, Maryam Qudrat Aseel hopes to open a dialogue and provide some glimpses into an often misunderstood and enigmatic culture and religion.

In the Academy, Between Two Cultures, a private edition published by Polyglot Press and Promotions in is Eugene F. Kaelin’s last book. It owes its existence to serendipitous events: the right persons in the right place at the right time.   In the book and in an interview, Mr. Alexie explores the consequences of leaving the tribe, of changing, of being the type of person who can live in the space between two cultures. writers. It was through living among these groups and much more, I think, through moving regularly from one to the other and back again that I got occupied with the problem of what, long before I put it on paper, I christened to myself as the 'two cultures'. For constantly I felt I was moving among two.

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Literature has long allowed us to travel to distant corners of the world without leaving our own beds. Some books, however, bring you to two worlds at once.

Their pages illuminate how disparate cultures can reveal the mystery and beauty in each other and make us aware of the hardships, dreams, and hidden scars of those we share space with. Living in Different Cultures Tamar Frankel. Living in Different Cultures by Tamar Frankel is a memoir-like collection of keen observations of global culture.

Vignettes by the Israeli-born distinguished legal scholar, guide those from different cultures on how to respect each other and live in harmony. Dorfman details his life of exile and bi-cultural living in his memoir, Heading South, Looking North and recently in his book Feeding on Dreams: Confessions of.

Y'all, THIS IS WHY WE NEED MORE DIVERSE BOOKS. I absolutely loved reading about Chinese traditions, beliefs and myths. Not only that, this book portrays how it is to be of two cultures, to be a mix of two worlds and manage it, or maybe not manage it.

I loved every single aspect of this book. Caught Between Two Cultures: Living a Double Life Dr. Dina Buttu Bicultural Stress Growing up in a cultural environment at home that is different from the cultural environment outside of the home has it’s benefits and challenges.

Stories give us the chance and opportunity to build relationships with people who may come from different cultures, and they can help us realize that while we have our differences, there is a universal connection between all of us in being human. Australia recognises its multicultural society but for many Australians in particular those born in between cultures, the struggles are real if you are caught in between two cultures - a reality that Filipino-Australian hip-hop musician, artist and producer James Mangohig is well aware of.

Updated 24/03/   More by this author Follow lax Living in two different cultures has its benefits and challenges. Although I was born in America, my parents emigrated to the U.S from Sri Lanka.

" The Two Cultures " is the first part of an influential Rede Lecture by British scientist and novelist C. Snow which were published in book form as The Two Cultures.

Based on personal experience, here are some pros and cons to cross-cultural living. Pro: It offers a richness to one’s life that cannot be manufactured. Travel books are great, but one can’t learn richness from a book. Bi-cultural people, who identify with two cultures simultaneously, are particularly vulnerable to this kind of rejection.

A person can become bi-cultural. Living in two cultures has both its challenges and its rewards. Updated ; Posted Facebook Share. Twitter Share. By Anne-Gerard Flynn | Special to The Republican. For our series, “Between Two Cultures,” we spoke to five women who experienced feeling “different” as children growing up in the United States.

While some of their stories are similar, their individual experiences speak volumes about what it’s like to exist between two cultures. Assimilating two separate cultures is an ongoing challenge.

In this essay, I will describe the issues many immigrants face in regards to diversity, stereotyping, preserving self identity and personal values. America is nation that is populated with a culturally diverse group of people. The Rede lecture of C. P, Snow of and his "second look" of are classical texts, which are very interesting to read.

As Stefan Collini points out these texts are however very dated and are interesting as a picture of that period more than as something relevant to Reviews:   We have also used books that describe the day-to-day complexities of living in between two cultures from the perspective of cultural insiders.

Examples include A Step from Heavenby An Na (), Tangled Threadsby Pegi Deitz Shea () or Behind the Mountainsby Edwidge Danticat (). Between Two Cultures book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers/5. Living in two different cultures has its benefits and challenges.

Although I was born in America, my parents emigrated to the U.S from Sri Lanka. Torn between two cultures “Torn between two cultures” describes the author’s experiences and.

Living between Two Cultures: a Mirror of our Times. The Paris Globalist Team Septem whose lives between two cultures represent a mirror of our times. making a reference to Ralph Ellison’s book ‘The Invisible Man’, which criticized the living conditions of Afro-Americans in the US during the s.

In her own work. A fascinating frame to reconsider Augustine--as a theologian of hybridity, living between two cultures. This lens tends to get out of focus in the middle of the book, but even then it is an engaging introduction to Augustine's life and thought/5(15).

"Mother father deaf" is the phrase commonly used within the Deaf community to refer to hearing children of deaf parents. These children grow up between two cultures, the Hearing and the Deaf, forever balancing the worlds of sound and silence, as a sense of self and family forms.

Paul Preston is one of these children, and in this book he takes us to the place where Deaf and Hearing cultures 2/5(1). 24 thoughts on “ Living Between Two Cultures: A Digital Literature Discussion of Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez, Part 3 ” Jeanmarie Walsh says: One good example of the interplay of assimilation and acculturation was seen during the dialogue between Ofie and her father.

Surviving Between Two Cultures. 03/29/ pm ET Updated I never imagined that living in a different culture would be that challenging. I remember two weeks ago, during Orientation Week for the new Atlas Corps international Fellows -- including myself -- American University Professor Gary Weaver spoke for three hours about.

The Mestizo Augustine is a great book for any pastor to read. We are living in a time of blended cultures all over the world. “The world is getting smaller,” some say because the various cultures are co-mingling and finding life together.

That means we will have more people who need to be reached that have a mestizaje like Augustine. Living between two cultures essay.

Globalization has increasingly led to an intermingling of the people using different electronic mediums such as the internet.

Some of them became lifelong friends in spite of belonging to different nations and culture. There are various advantages in living in the bi-cultural. Living between two cultures might be fun as it might be challenging it times.

One of the biggest challenges might be which culture you want to take part in at certain times. It does not mean choosing one culture over another, but sometimes you are expected to. Living in the United States showed Karolinski an entirely different perspective. Growing up in Belgium, he had seen many people move from all over the world to his country, but he had never considered how difficult life must be as a foreigner.

One of Karolinski’s major difficulties was being stuck between two cultures. Book Reviews Translating lives: Living with two languages and cultures, by Besemeres, M., and Wierzbicka, A. Queensland, Australia: University of Queensland Press, pp.

$ (paperback) Breda O'Hara-Davies Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah Sixth-Form College, Correspondence [email protected] Offers insights on Latino Caribbean writers born or raised in the United States who are at the vanguard of a literary movement that has captured both critical and popular interest.

In this groundbreaking study, William Luis analyzes the most salient and representative narrative and poetic works of the newest literary movement to emerge in Spanish American and U.S. literatures.4/5(1). The Bible is full of stories from the very beginning about people who live between cultures.

Living Between Cultures, a collection of stories produced during the workshops, will be launched at the Wheeler Centre on Thursday 5 August by author ALICE PUNG. The Wheeler Centre is located within a wing of the State Library (opposite Melbourne Central station, enter via Little Lonsdale St).

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Avoid resits and get better grades with material written specifically for your studies.Augustine—as both Roman and African, as a mediator between early Christianity and medieval Christianity—becomes a potent model for the many others, like González himself, who stand between worlds, cultures, and perspectives.

It is a fine book." "I am deeply pleased to see the new book by Justo González on Augustine, which places him.